1.       Teams

a.   The Association shall register teams for play in a particular league (men’s/women’s/co-ed).

b.   Registration of teams shall occur at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) prior to the start of the season.  The League Executive Director (LED) shall be responsible for registering teams.

c.   Each team shall have a roster of players registered for that team with a minimum of six players and a maximum of 15 players.

d.   Volleyball Clubs can register as a regular teams, however club registrations are not permitted.

e.   Final payment for registration shall be midnight of the seventh (7) day after the date of the AGM.

f.  Co-ed teams must have a minimum of three female players on the court at all times.


2.       Roster Registration

a.   All players must be registered on a league team before December 1st roster deadline in order to be eligible to play. Roster additions / exceptions may be allowed after the Dec. 1 roster deadline, but must be done and authorized by the league a minimum of four weeks prior to the start of round robin play. Exceptions due to exceptional circumstances may be granted by the EC.

b.   Teams must finalize their rosters no later than December 1 of the current season.

c.   A registered player can not play for another team in the same league after December 1 roster deadline; exceptions to this may be authorized by the EC.

d.   Failure to submit rosters to the LED by December 1 will result in fines of $10.00 per calendar day.

e.   Teams are permitted a maximum roster of 15 people as stated in the Volleyball Canada rulebook.


3.       Rules and Regulations

a.   Games shall be officiated by an accredited E.V.O.A. official or E.V.A. player using the latest edition of the Volleyball Canada Rulebook.

b.   All teams shall use the official score sheets.

c.   Tiers 1-12 Coed shall use substitution rules as per the Volleyball Canada rulebook but Tiers 13-18 may freely substitute.

d.   Teams must be prepared to supply competent minor officials during their bye games. Any teams which fail to do so may default games and levied fines by the LED.

e.   All teams must send at least one representative to any scheduled rules clinic.

f.    In the event of a team’s expulsion from the league, there will be no reimbursement of fees.

g.   All teams must be represented at the E.V.A. called meetings.

h.   All members of a team must have a uniform consisting of not less than a shirt, numbered front and back, as per Volleyball Canada rules.  The shirts cannot be different colors or styles (the sleeves may be different lengths).  Taped or felt pen numbers are not acceptable.  The Libero player shall have a different uniform.

i.    Teams should be aware that most gyms used by the league are provided through the courtesy of the School Boards and that they have certain rules pertaining to their use.  Teams are expected to show respect and consideration to the school’s rules, property and maintenance staff.

j.    The use of school equipment other than volleyball equipment is   forbidden.

k.   During the off season a trophy may be loaned to a member if they post a refundable deposit of $100.00

l.    Any member has a right to inspect any and all books and records of the Association.  If a member requests to do so a meeting will be arranged at a mutually convenient time and place.

m.  Decisions of the EC concerning team and/or player protests, disciplinary actions, or fines, shall be final.

n.   A Player must play a minimum 4 weeks of ladder play to qualify for play in round robin and playoff. Exceptions may be granted by the EC.

o.   During ladder play, and round robin play, all games shall be capped. All playoff matches will follow the Volleyball Canada rulebook.

p.   Each night a team or teams will be responsible for gym cleanliness and the custodian signature on score sheets.

q.  During round robin play, each team must submit their own results for each night of play.



4.       Fines and Discipline

a.   Teams using an ineligible player shall default all games in which the said player participated, and be fined $10.00 for each game.

b.   After the uniform deadline of November 11, if a player on a team is missing their uniform that team may play that individual but with specific constraints. You cannot substitute a player without a uniform for a player with a uniform. When the player or players without the uniform(s) is/are due to serve, a point will be awarded to the other team (side out) and that team’s service will be forfeit.

c.   Teams which fail to send a representative to Annual Yearend Meeting shall forfeit their Default Deposit and their banquet tickets.

d.   If a team cannot field six properly dressed players within five (5) minutes of its scheduled game time, the first game shall be defaulted & that team fined $10.00.  If the team is not there within fifteen (15) minutes of its scheduled time, the second game is defaulted & that team fined $10.00.  If the team is not there within thirty (30) minutes of its scheduled game time, it will default the third game & fined $10.00.  It is the responsibility of the officiating team or officials to start the game on time.  If the first match is late, the second match must start at its designated time. (e.g. 7:00 Scheduled Game start time.  First game defaulted at 7:05, second game defaulted at 7:15, third game defaulted at 7:30)

e.   Teams previously in the league must pre-register with a $100.00   deposit before the designated registration deadline date or they will be classified as a new team.

f.    This team deposit is nonrefundable unless another team is found to replace them.

g.   Teams are responsible for notifying the LED of changes in addresses and contacts.  If no pre-registration form is received by August 1 it is the team’s responsibility to contact the LED.

h.   New teams must pay a $100.00 registration fee and submit a contact name to the LED.  Only one entry submission per team is allowed. Team names will be drawn either at or before the AGM or, no more than 48 hours after the AGM.  Money for teams not drawn will be returned.

i.    A default deposit of $100.00 is applied to league fees.

j.    In no case can the deposit drop to less than $50.00.  A team will be deducted $10.00 per game defaulted, up to a maximum of $50.00 per evening.  Teams who fail to perform weekly duties, shall be deducted $10.00 for each infraction.  A team will not be allowed to participate in round robin play if the team has a negative default deposit balance.

k.   A team that defaults two nights or has 12 game defaults a season is subject to ejection by the LED and/or being blacklisted for the following season.

l.    A blacklisted team must pay double the defaults.  For example, a $200.00 default deposit and $20.00 per game defaulted, up to a maximum of $120.00 per night.  In no case can a deposit be less than $100.00.

m.  A blacklisted team will be reinstated to regular status after a year without two defaults.

n.   All teams must send at least one representative to any rules clinic or rules meeting as called by the league executive.

o.   Any violation such as possession of liquor in a gymnasium or on school property, damage to a gymnasium, school or equipment, and verbal abuse of any school custodians could result in disciplinary action.  Such violations must be reported to the LED immediately for disciplinary action.  Disciplinary action may include immediate expulsion from the league.

p.   If a player should attack or strike a game official, he or she shall be immediately suspended from any further league play pending further review by the LED.

q.   A written report of any player or coach ejected from a game for unsportsmanlike conduct shall be sent to the LED by the referee, and/or the E.V.O.A. Zone Official Coordinator.

r.    Any player or coach ejected for a second time shall receive an automatic suspension, effective immediately, for a period of time to be determined by the EC.

s.   If unsportsmanlike behavior occurs, it is the LED’s responsibility to investigate & recommend if fines and/or expulsions are warranted.

t.  Any persons or spectators coming out to watch a team or a match (or simply by entering any EVA scheduled gym time) shall be the responsibility of that team or teams. Any negative actions by those spectators will be reviewed by the league and disciplinary actions will be taken against that team or teams.



5.      Protests


a.   Any team wishing to file a protest against another team must do so prior to the playing of the game by writing on the score sheets and reporting it to the referee.

b.   A protest against a decision of a referee or an E.V.O.A. official must be done in writing and within 48 hours of the game, the protest must be given to the LED.

c.   Any team wishing to protest the performance or judgment of referee or an E.V.O.A. official must contact the LED.

d.    Any team wishing to file an appeal of the decision of the LED must do so in writing within 48 hours to the EC for review.

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