Need a Team/Need a Player

  • Female Middle Hitter needed

    Looking for a female middle hitter for a tourney this coming Saturday (Nov 23rd). Message me at 780-902-9992 if you're interested!


  • Sweet digs

    My name is johnmary akaogu i play all wings in court i will need a team like sweet digs i play my best sent message at my gmail
  • Sweet digs

  • COED Setter looking to sub/join

    6’3” lefty, ex collegiate setter. I play men’s however looking for a tier 1-3 coed team to sub/join. Prefer to set or swing right side, although I can play anything.


  • COED Male setter

    6’3” ex collegiate lefty setter. I play men’s league and sub COED already here and there, but looking to sub or join tier 1-3 (however will sub anything honestly.) Prefer setting or swinging right …
  • Sub

    Hey ya’ll just looking for a team, I’m 5’1 I’m usually the back player. Looking for a team that wants to have fun
  • Finding Volleyball Team.

    Good day to all! My name is Ien Ephilou and i just arrived from my home country,two weeks ago.Back home,i love playing volleyball with friends and a volleyball player to the university where I …
  • Female/ co ed team

    Hi I'm hoping to sub or play on a team this year. I'm a power/ off side player. I'm not sure what tiers there is here but I'm best suited for a middle team. Text me at 7803076846. My name is Angela

As part of the registration process, new players will need to register a new account on this site before they can join a team.  You are required to upload a photo of yourself that will be used on a membership card which will be issued around the same time as the start of the season. The photo should be similar to what you would use for a passport; a portrait style photo of you facing foward against a relatively plain backdrop, like a wall at home or at work. You can have a friend or family member take it or take one as a 'selfie'. 

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