Need a Team/Need a Player

  • Male 6'2" looking to sub or play full time

    Looking for a discrete no strings attached hookup.... oh wait a sec. This isn't Tinder? Oops my bad! Haha!

    I've been playing in the Edmonton volleyball leagues for several years. I'm currently …

  • 5'9 female looking to sub/join team

    I am new to Edmonton and wanting to start playing again. I am 23 years old, and have been playing left and right side for years. I played club and college before moving. Let me know if you need a sub …
  • Utility male player

    Hi I’m new to Edmonton and looking to play. 25 years old and 6ft. I am a competitive player and can play all positions. I work a week on week off schedule out of town so I’d only be available half …
  • 6ft female Right side

    My teams come to an end. Most of us got preggers. I’m done now and looking to play again. I think our team ended up in women’s tier 5/6...I’m competitive and played right side/setter.

    Women’s team …

  • experienced female looking for team

    Hi I'm a 5'8 26 yo female who has been playing volleyball for roughly 14 years. I've played all throughout high school and in many community leagues since. Looking for mainly a coed team to play with. …
  • Looking to play co-ed or women’s

    Hi, I just moved to Edmonton from Montreal and am looking to join either a coed or women’s vball team. I am a 5’7” right or left side hitter int/adv. I can also set if that’s what your looking for.
  • 6'3 Middle Male looking for Team

    30 Year old male looking for a team in EVA to play with moving forward.

    Currently playing Wednesday Nights in ESSC

    Available for sub or full time position can play Power & Offside but most …

As part of the registration process, new players will need to register a new account on this site before they can join a team.  You are required to upload a photo of yourself that will be used on a membership card which will be issued around the same time as the start of the season. The photo should be similar to what you would use for a passport; a portrait style photo of you facing foward against a relatively plain backdrop, like a wall at home or at work. You can have a friend or family member take it or take one as a 'selfie'. 

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