Table of Contents

  1. The League
    • Structure
    • Fees
    • Gym Times/School Access
    • Rules
  2. Saville Cummunity Sports Centre

The League


How is the league set up?

The league is registered as a society under the Province of Alberta. Five players who are voted in from the membership to form the Executive Council currently govern it. There are 1 representative from the Women’s League, 1 from the Men’s League, 2 from the Coed League and 1 Rep at Large. These positions are on a volunteer basis. To coordinate the day-to-day activities of the league two individuals are employed on a contract basis and those positions are as follows:

Executive Director – Sherri Jones

Executive Council

Nadine Stafiuk - women's rep
Gerry Erdmann - coed rep
Tom Rogers – coed rep
Jacob Boschee - rep at large
Mark Hughes – men’s rep

Terms for council members are two years on a rotating basis.


What are the fees and how are they determined?

The 2021-2022 fees (including default deposits) for the each league are as follows:

$1765 – COED $1800 – MEN’S $1675 – WOMEN’S

The factors that determine the fees are:

  • Cost of gym rentals
  • Referees
  • Player Insurance
  • Banquet and Prizes
  • Miscellaneous Expenses (office, equipment, stationary, contract employee expenses, etc.)

In any given year if one of these factors increases the league fees will increase accordingly.


Majority of games will be played at the Saville Community Sports Centre and times run between 6:30pm to midnight. Outside gyms will typically run between 6:00pm to 12:00am. Matches in the Saville are 2.5 hours and schools are generally 3 hours.

What happens if we cannot get into a school?

If a school is locked or has been double-booked you must call Sherri to advise her: Cell 907-7511


Can we play with five players?

No, the EVA has never had a rule allowing a team to play with five players.

Can we play with jewelry?

If possible all jewelry should be removed and those pieces that cannot be removed must be taped.

What if I forget my jersey?

If a team member forgets their jersey they are allowed to play, however when that person goes to serve they automatically forfeit the service as a penalty. This is not in effect until November 11th when the jersey rule becomes active.

Any other rule clarifications can be asked or submitted under the discussion tab – rule section of the website.


What is the Saville Community Sports Centre?

The Saville Community Sports Centre is a joint effort between Volleyball User Groups, Basketball User Groups, and Ortona Gymnastics. The facility will encompass nine volleyball courts, five basketball courts and a gymnastics facility. The facility is immediately west of the Saville Centre (11520-65 Avenue). The facility will include some commercial/retail space but will be run by a group representing Basketball, Volleyball and gymnastics. Each group will be responsible for their own areas and the costs/revenue from the shared spaces will be jointly shared based upon the square footage occupied by each group. The facility is a $40 Million plus project and it is anticipated that funding will come from user group commitments, fundraising and private enterprise. The University has donated the land by the Saville Centre and is set to open for July 2011.

Does volleyball need a facility such as this?

Every year the EVA has to turn away a large number of teams because of lack of gyms. This limits the ability of our league to grow in response to demand. The actual number of available gyms from schools has been diminishing and it is only hard work that has permitted the league to maintain our current levels of participation. As a user group we are also in competition with a number of schools and user groups for the limited number of schools that provide their gyms. This will likely mean that we will eventually lose existing space. Building a facility will provide us with some cost certainty and secure space for expansion.

What is the EVA’s involvement?

The EVA’s involvement has been important from the very beginning. We have been working with AVA to represent the interests of volleyball developing the Saville Community Sports Centre group project. The group has developed a business plan to ensure that the project is financially viable. The Saville Community Sports Centre Core group has requested one letter indicating that we support the project. They have also asked for a long- term pledge of some form of financial support. This financial support letter will be used to garner support from other groups. At the Annual General Meeting on September 1, 2005 a motion was passed expressing general and financial support of the facility. As it stands, the EVA has been involved in such a way that we would be one of the parties in operating the facility on behalf of the volleyball component. This would mean that we would be active participants in the decision- making regarding access by the different user groups. While there are no guarantees of access (there is no one to make those guarantees) by being part of that decision making process we will have a better opportunity to ensure some form of access to courts.

How will the Saville Community Sports Centre be run with respect to volleyball?

A committee representing each sport will run each component of the Saville Community Sports Centre. For example, The Edmonton Volleyball Centre Society would be responsible for volleyball, basketball would be run by the basketball component, and finally Ortona Gymnastics would operate the activities in the Gymnastic centre. The Edmonton Volleyball Centre Society has seven board members, two from AVA (Terry Gagnon & Jim Plakas), two members from EVA (Mark Hughes & Jacob Boschee), one member from NAVC, one member from Millwoods Volleyball, and one from FOG. These groups will conduct all activities in these centres and report to the general committee of the Saville Community Sports Centre.

What kind of access will we be guaranteed?

The type of access that would be guaranteed will be based on how early we are on board and what type of financial commitment we provide. If we provide early support, we can assure ourselves a seat – or possibly seats – on the committee in charge of delegating the court times for the volleyball centre. This would ensure us the access we would require from the centre.

Will we still need gyms even with the Saville Community Sports Centre?

The Saville Community Sports Centre would not provide the complete gym requirement for the EVA, however it would free up some gyms and provide us with some flexibility. This would allow us to maintain and possibly even expand the league. It would also allow us the opportunity to relieve some of the pressure associated from booking gyms through Central Booking. There is a huge demand for gyms from user groups outside of volleyball, and as mentioned previously, we are in a position of losing gyms because of the demand.

Who receives any revenue generated by the Saville Community Sports Centre?

Revenue generated by the Saville Community Sports Centre will be used to defray costs associated with running the centre. Both revenue and expenses for common areas will be split based upon the square footage of the centre represented by each partner. The projected annual operating budget for the facility would be in the order of $1.7 Million.

How does the structure of the parties involved in the Saville Community Sports Centre look right now?

Currently each of the partner groups (Ortana Gymnastics, Edmonton Grads Basketball and Volleyball) will have equal representation on the governing group. Each as a partner will have three individuals representing their group as part of a governing council. Terry Gagnon of the AVA, Mark Hughes from the EVA are the currently the named representatives.

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